Tips for Choosing Healthy Foods for Families

Having a healthy body is not only routine exercise. However, we must pay attention to a healthy diet. In this modern era, a lot of unhealthy foods are sold freely on the market. For example, many junk food restaurants. Of course, junk food is not good for the body. But unfortunately, many people like this food because it feels practical and tastes good. Especially children, they like this food. Though junk food has a negative impact on health.

What is healthy food?
Healthy food is a food that has a balanced nutritional content. To be sure, these foods are not mixed by additives such as coloring agents or preservatives derived from chemicals.
Foods that come from nature are very good for the body because they are still natural. The body needs healthy food in order to obtain energy and to grow and develop. Pay attention to the type of food we will consume. Preferably, choose foods that contain nutrients such as containing protein, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on. You have to eat a variety of foods so that your nutritional needs are met.
For example, carbohydrates are obtained from a variety of filling foods such as rice, wheat, potatoes and so on. Then, protein is divided into two types, namely proteins derived from animals (animal protein) and proteins from plants (vegetable protein). Examples of animal protein are meat and eggs. Whereas protein from vegetable, namely tempe, beans, tofu and so on. Vitamins come from vegetables and fruits.

The purpose of eating healthy food

Of course, eating healthy foods has good goals for the body. With these healthy foods, the body will maintain its health so that it can develop properly. Eat foods with balanced nutrition, not good or expensive food. Nutritionists recommend that everyone eat nutritious food by choosing staple foods, side dishes, vegetables and fruit.

What is unhealthy food like?

There are many examples of unhealthy foods. Actually, what foods are categorized as unhealthy food? Unhealthy food has a bad function because it can damage body functions slowly. Food may not be healthy because the processing is not good. For example, fried food with frying is done by mixing cooking oil with plastic so that the fried food is crispy. Wow, this method is very detrimental to buyers who eat it because plastic is not food that can be consumed.
In addition, healthy foods can also be foods derived from unhealthy ingredients or stale ingredients, unhealthy marinades, using dyes not for food and so on. Roadside food that is not guaranteed to be clean also includes unhealthy food because the food is contaminated with dirt. You might get a stomach ache if you eat it.