festival cakeFrom a small charity event that begun in 2009 with solely 20 skilled bakers; The Cake Pageant has grown considerably. Please place your order together with your native grocery store, bakery or ice cream shop at least 10 days in advance of your get together, with a view to enable sufficient time for the cake to be made.Please ask your native supermarket, bakery or ice cream shop in regards to the availability of your cake choice.

The pageant presents an insight on the diverse panorama revolving round lesbian international film, with a focus on independent productions, artistic initiatives and political narratives: three days filled with movies, documentaries, short films, visions, tales, conferences to nourish our minds with plural imaginaries and join our lives with lesbian and feminist fights around the world.

They include embellished X-Mas desserts, Butter Cream Cake, Icing Cake, Fresh Cream Cake, Millennium Cake, Choco Oreo Cake, Cappuccino Cake, Caramel Cake, Butter Scotch Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Tiramisu Cake, Rich Plum Cake, Premium Plum Cake, Surprise Plum Cake, Marble Cake, Tea Cake, Almond Cake, X-mas Log Desserts, Inexperienced Cake, Ginger House, X-Mas Tree Cake, Yuletide Log, X-Mas sweets and so forth.

Most of those modern types have been subsequently especially prominent amongst the cosmopolitan and youthful Chinese and amongst the overseas Chinese group, although conventional mooncakes are sometimes sold alongside modern ones to cater to individual preferences.