Listing Of Road Foods

street foodMASSIVE FEED IS SCOTLAND’S LARGEST INDOOR, TOTALLY LICENSED, STREET FOOD MARKET. Thanks to a seemingly countless number of local snacks and dishes, from grilled meat on skewers, rice topped with rooster and sambal on the facet and an entire lot extra of Bruneian favourites, this is undoubtedly Brunei’s busiest and most buzzing night time cease on any day.

The supplì (a fried rice ball) menu riffs on this and other traditional primi dishes, serving up supplì all’arrabbiata (rice cooked with spicy tomato sauce), supplì al cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and black pepper), and supplì al burro e acciughe (butter and anchovies).

A mound of white rice (nasi) sits in the center; on the upper left, there’s cakalang rica-rica (“cakalang” is skipjack tuna, a staple meat in seaside Manado; “rica-rica” refers to a crimson chili that the Minahasa like to stir-fry with their protein).

Served with chapati and a facet of very green herb stuffed chutney, it was a Karachi avenue food highlight for me. The fish was superb, minced up and lined in spices, and that chutney, which was vibrant from coriander, and what tasted like mint, was energising.